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video production

Our Clients

We have created Indigenous Educational Resources for clients such as Menzies School of Health Research, NAPCAN, ALPA, ARDS, Anglicare NT, NT Government, NT PHN, East Arnhem Shire, AMRRIC, FAST NT, Malabam, Bawinanga and Relationships Australia. We have worked with most of the NGO and Governemt organisations in the NT and they keep coming back for more, thanks to our professional service.

Our combined video production experience covers 50 years, backed by formal qualifications and extensive experience in the film and video production industry. When you come to us, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a professional end to end service on time and in budget.

The range of video production services we offer includes:

  • Script and concept development

  • Production management

  • Educational videos

  • Documentary videos

  • TV Advertising

  • Event Filming

  • Video Editing

  • Animation

  • Sound post production

  • Voiceover and translation services

  • Promotional materials design

With hundreds of videos and films to our credit, we are sure to be able to meet your needs.

award winning

Our video productions have won numerous awards, Including a Screen Sound award, Best Indigenous Resource at the ATOM awards in 2008 (also Finalist three other times) Best Message Film at Fistfull of Films and were part of a team that won the NT Administrators Award for Primary Health Care.

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